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Chinese Herbal & Diet Tea for Your Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

"Shen Nong (Chinese legendary God of Agriculture) tasted hundreds of herbs, Seventy-two kinds of toxin a day, And took tea as an antidote for them." ---Shen Nong's Herbal Classic (Qin-Han Dynasties of China, in 2698 BC

It is interesting that tea was an herbal medicine for health rather than a regular drink thousand years ago when the Chinese invented tea and drank it. In fact, many longevity monks and elders drink tea every day for longevity in Asia. The Zen buddhists are used to take a cup of tea before meditation to keep the mind alert. Many people are concerned about caffeine today and give it up. They forget either the big benefits of tea for health or the pure knowledge of tea, the Tao of Tea, how to drink tea in the right way.

Tea is more healthy and "clean" than "dirty" or "chemical" water we drink every day. Even tea made with impure water may be purified to a degree by the tea contents. That is one of the reasons why the Russian doctors used green tea to wash their patients's eyes after the famous cornea operation for nearsightedness before. Tea also contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins which you can not get from the purified water that more and more people drink today.

Warm (Hot) and Cool (Cold) are the very important principle in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Chinese doctors employ these factors in the teas. White, Green or Jasmine Teas are considered cooling teas and often enjoyed during summer; while Red or Black Teas are considered warming teas and often taken in Winter. Pu'er and Wulong (Woolong) Teas are neutral and may taken in all seasons. On the other hand, it's better for the people with warm or hot body condition to take cooling teas while for the people with cool or cold body condition to take warming teas and both may take neutral tea any time.

Introduce Ku-Ding Wild Green Tea from South-Western Mountains in China. Ku-Ding Tea is used as herb or daily drink for more than several hundred years in China. Many doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine have discovered that Ku-Ding may promote good health. The possible benefits are lowering both cholesterol and high blood pressure levels, to help promote weight loss, to prevent infections or prostate problem, and all other benefits from regular green tea. Ku-Ding Wild Green Tea contains more antioxidants and almost non caffeine (99% less than regular tea). You may drink Ku Ding Green Tea even if you are NOT over weight! 

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Disclaimer: Traditional Chinese Herbal Formulas have been used for centuries and knowledge of their special properties has been collected throughout many ages. But we don't recommend use of herbs as a complete substitute for regular diagnosis or medical care which you should ask your medical doctors.

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