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Found in Modern Science: Tea is Rich of Natural Antioxidants, Catechin, Polyphenols and Selenium (Se).

West Lake Smoker's Herbal Green Tea

--Patent Chinese Herbal Formula (Previous name: West Lake Tea -Smoking Quiter Support)

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west lake herbal tea west lake herbal tea
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INGREDIENTS: Chinese green tea, Lotus seed, Chinese Asparagus, Chinese Ginseng Leaf.
PACKAGE: box of 8 teabags; $6.99 per box of 8.
DIRECTIONS: Add hot water to brew one teabag for 1-2 minutes, add more hot water to make 2nd or 3rd cup of tea until no tasting. For cleansing or weight controlling, you may take it before or after quitting.

A special tea for China Kunming Expo International with Chinese government "Safety & Green Food" Seal.

Chinese Yunnan Tea Blocks -Special China Kunming Expo "Tea Candy"

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Introduce powerful Wild Ginseng: Did you try wild ginseng before? Do you know the differences between wild and cultured ginseng? The Wild Ginseng may live several hundred years while the Cultured Ginseng in a farm can not live longer than 5-6 years. Naturally undisturbed grown in the forest, the Wild Ginseng contains all the ginsenosides (the effective contents of ginseng) which some of them won't develop until the plant is over 6-7 years old (the cultured age).

Introduce Ku-Ding Wild Green Tea: One of the most alkaline tea with lest caffeine and more Selenium (Se), Ku-Ding contains more antioxidants and almost non caffeine (99% less than regular tea).

Introduce Chinese Herbal Diet Tea--Bojenmi White Diet Tea.

Introduce tasty and healthy 4-in-1 Chinese Milk Pu-Erh & Black Tea Sample Package-- Included: 20 teabags of Chinese Yunnan Pu-Erh tea, 10 teabags of 4 very famous black teas in the world (bright Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, malty Assam and smooth Nilgiri from India, and full-bodied Keemun from China), 1 package (net 4 oz) of Meyenberg whole powdered Goat Milk and 10 packs of Monk Fruit in the Raw 100% Natural zero calorie Sweetener. --Best for travelling or office!

Disclaimer: The health benefits of tea, food or herbs mentioned on our web site is for information only. We do not recommend use of tea, food or herbs as a substitute for medical care which you should ask your medical doctors.
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