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"TEA is Dew of Heaven" -Lu-Yu (the Chinese Sage of Tea) said in the Year of 780 A.D.

Found in Modern Science: Tea is Rich of Natural Antioxidants, Catechin, Polyphenols and Selenium (Se).

Special Chinese Healthy Diet Teas

Introduce Ku-Ding Wild Green Tea from South-Western Mountains in China. Ku-Ding Tea is used as herb or daily drink for more than several hundred years in China. Many doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine have discovered that Ku-Ding may promote good health. The possible benefits are lowering both cholesterol and high blood pressure levels, to help promote weight loss, to prevent infections or prostate problem, and all other benefits from regular green tea. Ku-Ding Wild Green Tea contains more antioxidants and almost non caffeine (99% less than regular tea). You may drink Ku Ding Green Tea even if you are NOT over weight!

Ku Ding Wild Green Tea --Most alkaline tea, lest caffeine

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ku ding tea
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PACKAGE: Tianfang brand, 30 teabags /box (30 teabags in total); or 25 teabags/box ( $8.99). Please Note that: You may drink it even if you are NOT over weight!

This Kuding tea comes from Guniuxiang, a virgin forest on the high mountains in the South-East of China. Also called "Bitter Tea", Ku Ding is made from Broadleaf Holly leaf (Folium llicis Latifoliae), not like the regular green tea which is from Camellia Sinensis. It tastes like regular green tea but bitter. Ku-Ding Wild Green Tea contains more antioxidants and Selenium (Se), almost non-caffeine (99% less than regular tea). Add a tea bag into hot water to make green tea in just a few seconds. It has strong "cleansing" effects used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each tea bag can be made 4-5 cups of tea, the package lasts about one month if drinking every day.

Chinese Herbal Diet White Tea --Bojenmi

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bojenmei herbal tea
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PACKAGE: 20 tea bags/box; Bojenmi brand.

INGREDIENTS: Fukien white tea -the regular tea with lest caffeine, Hawthorn fruit, Sprout Barley, Indian bread, Tangerine peel, Selfheal spike, Lophanthus, Asian water plantain, Medicated leaven (Dried mass of a fermented mixture of wheat flour and herbs), Adzuki bean, Radish (Dikang) seed, Cassia seed.

Legends of China Herbal Diet Tea

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herbal dieters tea
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PACKAGE: 30 teabags/box; Dieters's brand; USA Manufacturer: Uncle Lee's Tea, Inc.

INGREDIENTS: Malva Verticellata (Chinese Mellow), Senna leaf (Cassia Angustifokia) -No caffeine. (Note: this herb is no good if you have or develop diarrhea, loose stools or abdominal pain). No caffeine

Yunnan Green Tuocha Blocks

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Yunna green tuocha blocks
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PACKAGE: 200 grams, about 35-40 single wrapped loose Green Yunnan Tuo-cha tea blocks in a sealed bag. S Mark (Safe Quality Food) by Chinese government.

Use as a famous anti-cholesterol tea. French nutritionists have confirmed that Yunnan Tuocha Tea is capable of keeping balance and control over Cholesterol. (source: Paris Henrylendo Medical College and the Orson’ Laboratory of Nutrition, France).

The Facts about Tea

The first cup of tea was made in 2737 B.C. by Emperor Shen Nung -the Father of tea in China.

The first tea used in the West came from China to England in the mid-1600's. The UK is still a largest importer of tea in the world.

Different kinds of teas come from how the tea leaves are processed -especially the length of time of the oxidation period (fermentation): green and white tea are shortest while black and pu'er tea is longest; Oolong tea is between them. The processing produces different kinds of Phytochemicals.

Taste of different kinds of teas is from Polyphenols in teas.

Color of deferent kinds of teas comes from Flavonoids, the Plant Pigment from teas (also referred as Tannins before).

Having the benefits of green tea but taste different: If you don't like the taste of green tea but like its benefits, consider the tea combination of 2 kinds of teas, e.g. green-black tea, green-Oolong tea
Disclaimer: The health benefits of tea, food or herbs mentioned on our web site is for information only. We do not recommend use of tea, food or herbs as a substitute for medical care which you should ask your medical doctors.
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